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‘Bobtail by Misha’s Creation’ started with a simple thought of making something good for children that would also help the community.

‘Bobtail’ takes pride in the quality of its products, that are developed driven by passion and experience for new moms by new moms. The backbone of ‘Bobtail’ is the teams’ staunch background in design. Misha Gupta, a graphic and fashion designer, started Misha’s Creation in 2016.

The organic and plush toys received an overwhelming response, the turning point of the company however, was the innovative nursing pillow.  – patent pending*.

All the products are handmade by the women. We have worked with multiple NGO’s which emphasis on training women and assisting them for finding means of supporting themselves and their families. List of NGO’s which we are proudly worked with includes – ‘Aadhar Skill Development Trust’, a NGO in Mumbai that works towards the upliftment of women by imparting them with vocational skills. ‘Kshamta” – based in Thane, Mumbai. Our endeavour continues with hiring and training women with our in-house manufacturing and multiple business processes.

The core philosophy of the company is to give a child more than a toy. The origins and the thought process behind a product coupled with extensive research and deliberation is what brings forth joyous toys and products from Bobtail.

Painstaking care is taken in sourcing the raw materials for products, be it high quality pinewood for Burrow – the play tent, 100% cotton or organic cotton for clothing and toys and even natural dyes for polishing.

Bobtail firmly believes in giving back to the community. We work with NGO’s and local artisans to manufacture our products.

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