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2+2 PLANTABLE PENCILS & PENS YOUR IMPACT: with over 4 crore disposable plastic ball pens and wooden pencils being made in india everyday, the stationary industry is a big contributor to environmental pollution. These carbon negative products are an attempt to reduce plastic waste and deforestation, while also letting you grow some plants in an easy and fun manner. THIS BOX CONTAINS: PLANTABLE STATIONARY – 2 Plantable Seed pencils.- 2 Plantable Seed Pens. FEATURES: -2B lead pencils gives smooth and dark writing -pencil coloured with non – toxic food grade colours -100% recycled paper body, easy to sharpen with a regular sharpner – low vilosity ink in pens give smooth writing – recycled paper body cap -Seeds stored in water capsules, seed name behind eachpen and pencil -All palinting instructions printed inside -Cocopeat disk becomes soil like on adding water and retains 3-4 times more water than soil.