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Bobtail’s handcrafted little plush character kits are thoughtful, fun and totally adorable! Each character is hand screen printed with vibrant water based inks, which means no tracing or Iron-on transfers. Each kit also comes with needles, thread, fibre filling. From Age 5 years+ everyone can make one! Final finished product is about 8 to 10 inches. The Bobtail DIY Plush Kit Stitching is a beautiful and a very important art form for us. It brings forth memories of our grandmothers and mothers sitting beside their stitching kit and making repairs to an old worn out hem, or the ever-so-often missing button of a shirt. We wanted to revive the culture of taking up basic techniques at home instead of running to the neighbourhood alterations person. Thus, arose a fun concept based learning DIY kit that encourages children to take up a new hobby in a joyful way.

The Kit contains:

  1. A screen printed canvas with the option of a teddy or a bunny
  2. 40 gm of fibre for filling out the plush toy
  3. 2 needles
  4. A spool of thread
  5. 4 paper clips to keep the fabric in place while the child attempts to stitch
  6. An instruction manual with pictures so its easy to follow
  7. A tin box holding all the above contents, reminiscent of the ‘good old stitching kit’

The child with the help of an adult sews together the canvas to create a cute play buddy. The activity promotes:

  1. Fine motor skills
  2. Logical thinking and problem solving
  3. Exploring creativity and possibilities to create and personalise the end product
  4. Basic stitching technique to bring together a product
  5. A great bonding exercise with the parent
  6. Exploring a new hobby
  7. Following instructions
  8. The end product being a cute play buddy gives a sense of achievement
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